Reservations and Prices


  1. After telephone contact , please pay downpayment in agreed amount on out bank account :

In polish zloty

PeKaO  SA 68 1240 5165 1111 0010 7578 7706


For abroad transfers in EURO

SWIFT: PKOPPLPW  47 1240 5165 1978 0010 4419 6551


  1. Bank transer should include:

– downpayment – personal data of Ordering Party/ Procurer or Guest

Overnight stay, stay age from 16.00 (4 p. m.) to 10.00 (10 a.m.) next day

You can bring Your pet with You – stay fee 40 PLN per pet.

We are obligated to retrieve a local fee – it is a tax levy on vivsitors by Town Council of Zakopane – 3 PLN a day.

Reservations for long weekend in May or during summer holiday requie  DOWNPAYMENT and in case of quest`s  resignation it is not returned (no matter the term reservation was made).



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